Competition within the optical and hearing sector has increased dramatically in recent years, resulting in opticians and audiologists needing to differentiate themselves in this dynamic field. Business owners also need to comply with ever increasing requirements and regulations, while customer behaviour has also changed dramatically.

That’s why eight successful family-owned companies in the optical and hearing sector took the initiative to establish EyeCare Group in 2021.


EyeCare Group is a national high-end optical  and audiology sector leader, providing superior  eye and hearing care to customers nationwide. 

At EyeCare Group, we aim for the highest level  of quality. This is reflected not only in our  products and measuring equipment, but also in  our qualified staff’s knowledge and skills and the  outstanding specialist service we provide. 

As we’re committed to providing our services in  the long-term, our customers come first and we  focus entirely on their personal needs.  Customers visit us to buy a product and leave  with a tailored solution. We always aim to  exceed customer expectations in all areas. 

Passion for the profession, dedication and  entrepreneurship are evident in everything we  do at EyeCare Group. Joining forces and  enjoying working together enable us to provide  the optimal customer experience in our stores.


Developments and changes are taking place  within both the optical and audiology sectors.  Business owners need to comply with ever  increasing requirements and regulations, while  there are major changes in customer behaviour. Customers are increasingly shopping online, for  example, so it’s essential that business have a  good omnichannel strategy that goes beyond  just having an attractive website.

Larger organisations have the advantage of  being able to pool knowledge and resources,  enabling them to respond better to the changing  environment and grasp opportunities. Larger  organisations also benefit from synergy  advantages and more favourable purchasing  terms. They can also provide other services  such as accounting, insurance, subscriptions  and marketing. Furthermore, to remain  successful it is becoming increasingly important  to keep a good record of business data. 

Within EyeCare Group there’s a huge amount of  knowledge and expertise spread across our  stores. Sharing this knowledge and expertise  creates additional opportunities. Our own  EyeCademy also plays an important role in this.  We explore where the opportunities lie and how  we can improve even further.



Developing an omnichannel strategy is a key  EyeCare Group focus. We aim to offer our  customers a seamless transition between the  online and offline shopping experience, and  serve them in exactly the same way regardless  of which point of contact they choose. 

EyeCare Group has worked hard to develop a  digital platform where customers can find all  available data in a personalised environment.  Customers have full access to their shopping  history, subscriptions, loyalty programmes and  appointments.


Within EyeCare Group we have a wealth of  knowledge and expertise spread across our  stores. We have established our EyeCademy to  provide the best possible eye and hearing care.  It’s the place where we share knowledge and  train our employees to the highest level. 

Our EyeCademy trainers focus on three core  areas: professional knowledge, product  knowledge and commercial skills. We work with  suppliers and large organisations to add even  more value to this training. We aim to deliver on  our promise of providing the best vision and  hearing solutions to customers, combined with a high level of personal service.



After the merger of the eight companies in  October 2021, which included a total of 96  stores, EyeCare Group continued to expand to  include even more amazing optical and hearing  stores. EyeCare Group now comprises over 120  stores. Some examples of entrepreneurs who  have sold their businesses to EyeCare Group  include Kool Optiek in Rotterdam and Kempkes  in Gouda. 

In joining EyeCare Group, former owners of  these stores really appreciate that this enables  them to retain their local identity, while many  business aspects are professionalised and taken  out of their hands. This makes it much easier to  transfer tasks and allows them to focus more on  other aspects of their profession.





The EyeCare Group continues to grow and  expand with new stores.



The EyeCare Group has several strong partners that fully align with our company's vision and strategy.



Do you want to transfer your business with  financial security without losing your local  identity?

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